State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin

“The book tackles a prevalent, dangerous topic: institutional racism. The author clearly states that racism is the heart of the story of Trayvon Martin’s murder and George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Public interest in the case, and the prevalence of similar stories make this book a timely part of the discussion….” Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards 2014

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin





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As a result of the several killings of unarmed black males, a movement has begun called #BlackLivesMatter.

Some people find it difficult to believe Zimmerman would murder Trayvon Martin knowing he had called the cops and they were on their way. Zimmerman did not initially decide to nor intend to murder Trayvon Martin at the time he called the cops. If so, he would have risked being caught in the act. I don’t think he is that brave or that stupid either.

There is no publicly known video showing Trayvon Martin’s murder. However, the facts and evidence clearly support murder and a cover-up to the extent that a detailed recreation of events can be determined. This book reveals a very dark, evil, and horrific reality that not everyone is ready to acknowledge. If you want to begin to heal the deep wounds of racism towards African-Americans that this occurrence uncovered, then this book is for you. However, the price of such healing is to know the greatest evil in man up close, not fear it, and take action to control it. What will you choose?

Zimmerman illegally detained Martin and held him at gunpoint. Thus, he had committed two crimes already. He made a split second, cold blooded decision to murder Trayvon Martin who to him represented what he hated- an unwanted element of society. This was his moment to become the hero.  You will see that he caused his head injuries AFTER he murdered Trayvon Martin and that he received help from a corrupt member of law enforcement right before he murdered Trayvon Martin. This is one of the main reasons Trayvon Martin’s murder was covered-up.

Revealing the truth to the public would have shaken the entire foundation of law enforcement, shaken the foundation of the criminal justice system, required immediate reform, and sent many high officials to prison.   Thus, as a necessity, layer upon layer of deceit was created and resulted in something like a red herring that the public does not know about.  In this sense, the cover-up was brilliant and played into the need for people to believe in a certain level of human decency.

The most important facts and evidence to show murder were withheld from jurors, and the initial aggressor portion of the Stand Your Ground self-defense law was removed from the jury instructions. These diabolical actions essentially guaranteed a not guilty verdict for Zimmerman.

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Trayvon Martin had just turned 17 and he was visiting his father when he was murdered.  He was on his way to where he stayed after leaving a Seven-Eleven store.  An armed neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman waited for Martin to appear before calling a police.  Zimmerman was told that they did not need him to follow Martin, but he chose to chase him anyway.  After he caught him, he shot and killed  Trayvon Martin  and claimed self-defense.

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Reader Review:”EXCELLENT book and also EXCELLENT writing by the author! I mostly appreciate the overall lay out of the actual case evidence. Very easy read being the author did a great job of making the book readable.. IF you have ” suspicious nation ” you will see this book is a much more thorough analysis of the case….” J. G.

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Listen to interviews about the book: Author Interviews

Will Zimmerman kill again?

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*There are several excellent resources that provide information on this matter.  I used axiom amnesia for my research and there are the YouTube videos from LLMPapa and many others.  However, if you want all of the critical information in one place, in chronological order, explained and easy to understand in a concise way, you will want to read this book.


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